Our approach to the Energy Efficiency Regulations

Please don't submit an application unless the property has a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or exemption. In addition, for applications where the LTV is above 75%, a property must have an EPC, rated C or above. Applications on properties which don't meet this criteria will be declined.

Applications that are declined due to a valid EPC not being in place at application: if a valid EPC Certificate is obtained within 28 days, please email a copy to EPCAppeals@themortgageworks.co.uk so that we can reinstate the application on the original product selected. Any fees that have been refunded will need to be paid.

If a certificate is not available within 28 days, the application will need to be resubmitted and a new product selected, once a certificate has been obtained.

When inputting the property address, please ensure this is keyed correctly as we'll automatically verify that it has a valid EPC or exemption on the register.

For applications over 75% LTV that are declined due to a property’s EPC rating not being C or above: appeals will not be accepted, and an application will need to be resubmitted with an LTV of 75% or below and a new product selected.

Currently, in England and Wales, landlords must ensure their properties have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of ‘E’ or higher - this applies to properties where there are existing tenants, as well as properties where a new tenancy is being created.

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), is currently leading on a consultation to improve the energy performance of privately rented homes, which if implemented as legislation, would see the minimum EPC rating increased to C from 2025 for new tenancies and from 2028 for existing tenancies.

The current rules for properties in Scotland are different - for more information, read our approach to the Energy Efficiency Regulations.

Check your client’s property has a valid EPC by using the links below, dependent on your region: 

We require a valid EPC or exemption to be in place at application. The policy on EPC’s varies by the LTV of an application:

For applications at 75% LTV or below: properties must have an EPC rating of E or above, in line with current legislation.

For applications over 75% LTV: to balance the need to support a key segment of the Buy to Let market, whilst recognising future ambitions across the Private Rental Sector to achieve more energy efficient homes, properties must have an EPC, rated C or above at application.

Below are the full details of the TMW EPC valuation policy: