Service updates

The best service starts with great communication. So here, you can get an indication of how long it’ll take us to process your cases. We only ask that you don’t call us for an update within the first four working days after you submit an application, as we'll be processing your case. If we need anything further from you, we'll be in touch.

Service levels (last updated 21 February 2019)
Average time to answer calls: Case updates 3 minutes 47 seconds
Average number of working days from application to offer 17 days
Average number of working days for document processing 5 days
Average time to answer calls: New enquiries 1 minute 38 seconds
Average time to answer Broker Chat requests: New enquiries 1 minute 44 seconds

Case tracking

For an instant update, log in to TMW Online and choose 'My cases' for a list of your applications. If you need any help, see our case tracking guide.

Certificate of Title

Please note we need five working days’ notice to release funds.


Once an offer’s been approved, we'll let you know. If you submitted your application on TMW Online, you’ll be able to see the offer here. Your clients and solicitors will receive offer letters in the post shortly.