TMW Online

TMW Online and TMW MTE are now even smarter

As a direct result of your feedback we've made some improvements to TMW Online and MTE.

This means you're now able to:

  • Submit further advance and porting applications using TMW Online (subject to eligibility and lending criteria)
  • Upload documentation to TMW Online using scan and attach, meaning you'll no longer need to email your proofs.
  • Download case documents online, including a DIP certificate, when you receive an accept decision
  • Benefit from improved case tracking and alerts
  • Track your case online without the need to call – our systems are updated every 10 minutes

Why register with TMW Online?

DIPs in seconds

  • Spend less time form filling and more time with customers.

Dynamic form filling

  • Information fields complete automatically-there’s no re-entering data between setting up client details, DIP and application form.

Case cloning

  • You can quickly create a new application for the same applicants by cloning existing case information.

No paper or signatures

  • You don’t need to post paper forms or supporting documents. Everything is done online: identity and address verification, credit checks, signatures, payment of fees and instruction of valuer.

Varied submission routes

  • All available submission routes are accepted. Select the most appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

Never lose your applications

  • All data entered is saved and can be retrieved for compliance and auditing. You can print declarations for a complete data record. The KFI is automatically attached to the application record.
  • The following documents are automatically attached to the application record once they are generated.
    • KFI
    • DIP Response
    • DIP Certificate
    • DIP Summary
    • Application Summary
    • Valuation Report
    • Mortgage Offer

Case tracking and email alerts

  • You can access a list of your current applications by selecting 'My cases' in TMW Online. Follow the steps in our case tracking guide. You will also be able to alter the regularity of email alerts per individual case to suit your preference.