Solicitors and conveyancers

Solicitors/conveyancers with less than two partners will not be eligible to process applications for The Mortgage Works unless they are on our approved panel.

Who can act for an applicant?

We can only work with solicitors and conveyancers whose firms have a minimum of two partners – unless the firm is on our approved panel.

Separate Legal Representation

Applicants can nominate a conveyancer to act solely on their behalf, but must be aware that we’ll instruct a separate conveyancer to act for us – and that this will be at the applicant's expense. An applicant can’t instruct a separate firm to act on our behalf.

Change of solicitor

To change solicitors post-offer, please contact us on 08000 30 40 40. The new solicitor will need to provide a letter or email confirming they're acting for the clients and can send this directly to Our processing team will contact the old solicitor to confirm they're no longer acting and a revised mortgage offer will be issued.

Free Standard Legal Fee

If a product has been selected with the benefit of Free Standard Legal Fee, the solicitor instructed will be Enact (For properties in England and Wales) or RA Direct (For properties in Scotland). For contacts and tracking information, please see our Case Tracking page.

You can also find out more about our products offering free standard legal fee or view our Tariff of mortgage charges.