How to submit a case

Most applications can be submitted via TMW Online.

For a list of exceptions, see our application types that need to be submitted as paper exceptions.

Limited Company, porting and further advance applications submitted via TMW Online go straight to full mortgage application (FMA). There is no decision in principle (DIP) produced before FMA, as the application is assessed when the FMA is received.

To get a Mortgage Illustration for porting and further advances, a request must be made using the Manual Mortgage Illustration Request Form. For Limited Company cases, you can get these from your sourcing system.

Product switch applications

Product switch applications can be completed via the Online Mortgage Switcher.

Visit the Online Mortgage Switcher page to find out more and to see if your client’s meet the eligibility criteria.

Brokers can only submit their own mortgage application as a customer through TMW Direct, not through TMW Online.

Paper exceptions

The following application types need to be submitted as paper applications:

Product switch applications for a property valued under £1 million should be submitted on the Online Mortgage Switcher.

The following applications from existing borrowers must be submitted via paper. New borrowing is not available, only like for like porting applications can be considered:

  • Limited Company Buy to Let (only applications submitted before 2018)

Paper application forms

Postal Paper applications and supporting information should be sent to:

Northampton Administration Centre
Kings Park Road
Moulton Park
Northampton, NN3 6NW