How to submit a case

The below table shows which applications can be submitted via TMW Online or paper application.

Types of application How applications can be submitted
TMW Online Paper
Purchase Yes No
Remortgage Yes No
Limited Company^ Yes No
Let to Buy Yes No
Consumer Buy to Let Yes No
Houses of Multiple Occupation Yes No
Foreign Nationals Yes No
Long term lets Yes No
Porting^ Yes Yes
Further Advances^ Yes Yes
Transfer of equity No Yes
Product Switcher* Yes No

^Limited Company applications, Porting and further advances via TMW Online are submitted to Full Mortgage Application (FMA). There is no DIP produced prior to FMA, as the decision is assessed when the FMA is received. To obtain a Mortgage Illustration for Porting and further advances, a request must be made using the Manual Mortgage Illustration Request Form. For Limited Company cases, these must be obtained from your sourcing system.

*Product Switcher applications can be completed via the Online Mortgage Switcher if your clients meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Their mortgage deal with The Mortgage Works is ending in the next 6 weeks or they are currently on one of our revert rates or they have a tracker product with a switch to fix option.
  • Their mortgage is not in arrears and has not been in arrears in the last 2 months.
  • They do not have a further advance application in progress.
  • Their account is not Consumer Credit Act regulated.
  • They are not subject to a Bankruptcy Order or Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).
  • Their current mortgage balance is not less than £2,500.

Brokers can only submit their own application as a customer through TMW Direct, not through TMW online.

Paper exceptions

What application types need to be submitted as paper applications?

The following applications from existing borrowers must be submitted via paper, as these schemes are no longer available for new borrowing, only like for like porting applications can be considered:

  • Limited Company Buy to Let (only applications submitted before 2018)
  • Regulated Buy to Let (MCOB regulated)
  • Residential Mortgages, including Self Certification and Full Status
  • Guarantor Mortgages

Paper applications and supporting information should be posted to:

The Mortgage Works
Portman House
Richmond Hill