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The Mortgage Works has been working with brokers to support landlords for over 30 years, so we all know the challenges of being a landlord extend beyond just getting mortgages. That’s why The Landlord Works was created.

The Landlord Works is designed to help landlords manage their finances and properties in one place – whether they’re taking their first steps, or managing a portfolio of properties, with or without a mortgage. Not only will your clients benefit from the education and resources, but it should be easier for landlords to share data with brokers and complete new applications.

It’s free for your landlord clients to join The Landlord Works and it’s free for brokers too. It’ll help you further support your landlord clients manage their properties and navigate them through the complex rules and regulations in the sector. And sign-up to the newsletter to get industry updates straight to your inbox.

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What The Landlord Works offers you and your clients

Regulation and Education

There’s a range of resources and educational guides to help landlords on a range of topics. This includes legal obligations, property marketing and management, finances and mortgages, as well as tenant support.

You can sign up to a monthly newsletter to get industry updates straight to your inbox.

Portfolio Management

The tool is designed to help landlords manage their properties and effectively manage their finances. It can help landlords keep on top of important documents, such as gas safety certificates, electrical inspections and energy performance certificates.

Landlord self-assessment tax return

The Landlord Works have partnered with GoSimpleTax, an award-winning tax software tool, to provide landlords with a 20% off code on annual subscription fees when submitting their tax return. Landlords will be able to use the tool to track expenses and income and get access to information they need about their tax obligations and options. This will help your client provide up to date and accurate proofs for you to submit applications.

Rental, sales and property comparison valuation tool

Landlords will be able to estimate how much a property is worth and potential levels of income. It uses real-time Land Registry and property listing data based on properties recently sold in the area.

Property portfolio

Landlords will be able to upload details of all the properties in their portfolio and add new properties. This means they will be able to track rental finances and any key dates associated with each of their properties. Also, this will make it easier and faster for you to complete a property schedule, as all the details you need will be held in one place. The portal also has a notification tool to help landlords remember these dates.

Manage finances

To assist landlords in managing their finances effectively, they can use The Landlord Works to connect multiple bank accounts to their profile. Landlords can track rental transactions, helping to keep their credit file in a positive position and therefore making it easier for you to do an application for them in the future.

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