Broker Support Profile: Robb Livermore, Technical Support Team Manager

1. In a nutshell, how does Technical Support help brokers?

We know that brokers have to deal with many different lenders’ systems, and whilst TMW Online is designed to be as intuitive as possible, we appreciate that guidance is sometimes required. Technical Support are the first port of call for keying and navigation queries, or any technical issues that may occur during a mortgage or product switch application.

Our system is very robust and reliable, so the number of genuine technical issues is thankfully very low, but when they do occur we will look for a workaround, liaise with our IT department to apply a fix, or establish an alternative submission route to get the case moving forward.

2.What are the most common queries that brokers get in touch about?

The ability to do online product transfers is still relatively recent, and like any new proposition enhancement, it is generating some calls. The system is very quick and easy, so most queries are very straightforward to resolve. If the system doesn’t let you create a product switch application, it’s usually because the account isn’t within six weeks of the current product expiry date.

Another common query is around document upload. Brokers often have proofs which are split into multiple files. After uploading the first file, the case requirement will disappear, so they have to email the remaining pages to us. This can be easily avoided by attaching ALL parts of the proof when choosing the file to upload.

3. What key system and website improvements has TMW made lately which brokers should know about?

We have recently released a new and improved Limited Company application form. It needs to be completed online, but copies can now be printed for either data capture or compliance purposes.

There's also a Further advance Calculator which not only confirms how much extra clients can borrow on their existing buy to let mortgage with TMW, but also confirms the details behind the interest cover ratio bandings.

4. What tips would you suggest to brokers to save time when making a product switch application?

The best advice I can give is to check out the ‘Switching your client’s mortgage’ page. The page is full of useful information and tips such as;

  • the earliest and latest dates for acceptance (based on the intended start date of the new product)
  • how to create a case
  • eligibility
  • offer production and acceptance

Remember, you only need to use the first 8 digits of the client’s mortgage account number and key either the sort code (of the account they pay the mortgage with) OR the last mortgage payment amount. The figures for the last mortgage payment amount needs to be exact - to the penny – so it’s much easier to just enter the sort code.

5. What’s the best way to get in touch with the Technical Support team?

Currently we are available by calling 0800 545 3131 (option 2) and we’re open Monday – Friday 9am - 6pm (from 9.30am on Mondays).

However, watch this space as we'll soon be launching our very own web chat service similar to the one available in Dedicated Broker Support!

6. What makes TMW different from other lenders?

When it comes to the systems, the main thing is the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we receive. We're frequently complimented on how quick and easy it is to submit applications.

Aside from that, there's a huge list of reasons to choose TMW. We've a really broad proposition, catering for Buy to Lets, Let to Buys, HMOs, Portfolio Landlords, Limited Company applications - we cover them all.

There's also no minimum income requirement, no maximum age limits on applications up to 65% LTV and above that, your client can be 70 and still apply for a 35-year term.

We also have a really good support network, with both field and telephone-based BDMs and our Dedicated Broker Support team available on Broker Chat and by phone.

The list goes on - if you want more information have a look at our support page.

7. What do you think is a common misconception brokers may have?

Where it comes to Technical Support, some brokers might assume that we're all ‘tech geeks’ locked away in the basement, which is not the case! However, we do sometimes advise brokers to ‘turn it off and on again’.

On a more serious note, brokers might think it's not worth taking the time to give us feedback. I can assure you we take your feedback very seriously, and most of the improvements made by TMW come from suggestions made by brokers. Feedback can be supplied on our feedback page, to your BDM or any of the advisers in Dedicated Broker Support.

Finally, please remember to only upload documents that we request. Although often supplied with the best intentions, extra documents could possibly delay an offer or result in additional proofs being requested.