Broker support profile: Adam Green, Broker Chat adviser

How long have you worked in Broker Chat and what attracted you to this job?

I joined Nationwide in 2015, starting in our registration and procuration fee team, and since March 2016 I’ve worked in Dedicated Broker Support across a variety of different roles. For the last year I’ve been a Broker Chat adviser.

I was drawn to this role because of the chance to speak to lots of different individuals, trying to achieve the best possible outcome for clients looking to come to us. I’ve always had an interest in financial services, especially the property and mortgage sector.

What are the benefits of using Broker Chat over other ways to get in touch?

Broker Chat is an extremely efficient system for intermediaries to use, I cannot recommend it enough. It’s the perfect system for getting quick answers to criteria, registration and procuration fee queries. And we aim to add value to every interaction by sending you extra information relevant to your query.

Also, you can print or save a copy of the chat so that you’ll have full evidence of your conversation with us for your compliance and own records.

What are some of the more common questions that you get asked?

Due to the large amount of recent changes, we often get queries around the PRA changes. We still have no maximum portfolio size and no minimum personal income requirement for portfolio landlords.

What other challenges are you able to support brokers with?

One of the main things that I try to help with is to make sure that the document requirements for each aspect of our criteria is understood.

And we can send requests for call-backs from the fee payment team - we aim to resolve these within one working day for more complex queries.

Also, I aim to include links to our packaging guides and information on keying a case on every chat. This helps to prevent delays when changes have had to be made at application.

What’s a common misconception about your role?

Due to Data Protection restrictions, Broker Chat can’t be used to discuss information related to submitted Decision in Principles, Full Mortgage Applications or personal data related to customers/brokers. So, we can’t tell brokers what date their procuration fee was paid, but we will ask the fee payment team to contact the broker with the information.