First Time Landlords

If your client has owned and lived in their own home for at least the past six months but not owned a Buy to Let property in that time, we could help them become a First Time Landlord.

In this section we cover:

First Time Landlords

What you should know

The loan has to be used to buy a new Buy to Let property only. We’ll need evidence of your client’s deposit for all applications – see our ‘Source of deposit’ information to see what deposit types we accept, and what proofs need to be provided.

Maximum age 70 at application (unless a joint application with an Experienced Landlord) and below 65% LTV. (see our General criteria).

How much will we loan?

The maximum LTV we’ll consider for a First Time Landlord is 80%. See our table for maximum loan amount per property.

Important note: First Time Landlords remortgaging a second property are not accepted. This includes inherited properties not yet in the applicant’s name.