Supporting you and your clients through the Coronavirus outbreak

Last updated 1 June 2020

Our Home Support Package

We know that recent developments around Coronavirus (COVID-19) will be concerning for you and your clients.

For our part, we’re putting together a Home Support Package to help them through this time.

See our Home Support Package

Changes to our services

  • For new applications, use Broker Chat or call us from 9am to 5pm.
  • For TMW Online technical support:
  • For submitted applications:
    • Where possible, please use case tracking on TMW Online to get an update on your case. If you can’t get the information you need, you can call us between 9am and 3pm.

How you can help us

Our contact centres are experiencing a high volume of calls. You can help us by trying to find the answer to your question in the following ways:

Payment holidays

Our Specialist Support team has dedicated services to help your clients through challenging times. We've introduced mortgage payment holidays for our customers who have been affected by Coronavirus, allowing a period of flexibility.

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Valuers are able to carry out physical inspections of properties in England only. We’re awaiting further guidance regarding the rest of the UK and until then we’ll continue to carry out desktop assessments where possible.

Before the application proceeds to a physical valuation, please ensure you advise us of any material changes to your clients’ circumstances, e.g. changes to income. If there are any changes, please call us on 0345 605 40 40.

Protecting the interests and safety of our customers

Whilst we’ll endeavour to carry out a physical inspection of the property, our number one priority remains the safety of our customers, employees and valuers. Where a physical valuation is required, valuers will need to carry out a detailed government safety assessment with the customer to ensure the requirements can be met and to reassure them around the process and the safety measures that will be put in place.

We also understand that some customers won’t be comfortable letting a valuer into their property at this time, or whose health situation means this isn’t an option. Where this is the case, we’ll place the valuation back on hold and you’ll need to notify us when your client is ready to proceed.

A physical valuation may also be dependent on other factors, such as the ability to gain keys from Estate Agents.

On hold valuations - Cases requiring a physical valuation:

  • For properties on hold because they aren’t suitable for a desktop valuation, we’ll contact the applicant/vendor to arrange a booking date and carry out an initial safety assessment. Where we’ve been unable to make any contact we’ve either left a message or sent a text to the applicant or vendor/estate agent. Before calling us regarding valuations please:
    • Contact the person or office whose details you provided for access to the property and ask them to respond to any messages
    • Check the access details and let us know if there is an alternative number to call. If there are changes to access details, please email us at quoting the application number, first line of address and postcode.
  • Bookings will be done in chronological order, with oldest applications booked in first. If your case is currently on hold, we’ll endeavour to book a physical valuation, so to maximise capacity please tell us urgently if the case is no longer proceeding. If a valuation is carried out on a case that is later cancelled, we’ll be unable to refund any fee if applicable.
  • As valuations are booked in, you’ll receive a notification of the appointment date in the standard way. For on hold cases, this date will be the physical valuation appointment date. For new cases, this will normally be the date the property is due to be initially assessed for a desktop valuation.
  • SLAs for receiving a booking date are longer than normal as valuers will need to conduct a detailed government safety assessment with the customer as part of the booking process.
  • Our surveying partners are also urgently working through the implications of the updated government guidelines and increases in capacity will be managed in a gradual way to ensure the safety of their valuers. This means in some areas the SLA for appointments will be longer than normal.

Desktop assessments and external valuations

  • We’ll continue to assess and sign off as many new and existing cases as we can using automated and desktop valuations. Cases are currently being booked in for desktop assessment within 10 working days.
  • Where possible, valuers may also look to visit the property but carry out an ‘external only’ assessment. The valuer will still carry out a safety assessment with the customer beforehand to ensure requirements are met and explain the process to ensure the customer is comfortable to proceed.
  • Where the valuer lacks sufficient information for a desktop valuation but believes photos of the property may help, they’ll request them from the applicant/vendor. The photos can be sent via a web based tool using a secure upload and full support will be provided by telephone and email to talk them through the process.
  • Where a desktop or external assessment of the property isn’t suitable, the valuation will be moved to a physical internal inspection and you’ll be notified of an updated booking date accordingly (subject to a successful risk and safety assessment).

New Build

Valuers can visit New Build sites which are open and where they can adhere to government safety guidelines. Therefore, cases on hold because we haven’t visited the site in the last 12 weeks have started to be booked. For new cases received, we’ll initially still attempt to complete a desktop valuation where the site has been visited in the last 12 weeks.

Homebuyer Reports and Full Building Surveys

We’re able to carry out Homebuyer Reports and Full Building Surveys (subject to a successful risk and safety assessment). They'll be booked and carried out in line with the timescales stated above for on hold valuations.


Physical inspections for HMO valuations can be carried out. Please be aware that risk and safety assessments must be passed in respect of all tenants present, so may be more complex.

Cases outstanding a Disclosure Form or EWS1

Cases which require a UK Finance Disclosure Form or an EWS1 Fire Safety form will remain on hold until these are received.

You can email us these forms quoting the case reference in the subject line to


We’re unable to accept appeals on desktop valuations. Should cases be resubmitted, the original desktop valuation figure will still be used.

Cancel mortgage application

If your client no longer wishes to proceed with their mortgage application, please email with ‘Cancellation’ as the subject line and quote the application number. This will allow us to prioritise work on applications that are progressing.

Mortgage offers

We understand that the current situation means some of your clients will need to extend their mortgage offer.

A month or less on your client’s mortgage offer?

If your client's got a month or less before their mortgage offer expires and they need an extension, we’re offering a 3 month extension period for those eligible. Please be aware that you can't apply for an extension when the offer has expired. Once an offer has been extended, you'll be unable to make any material changes to the application.

What you need to do

If there are 30 days or less until their mortgage offer expires, you can request an extension on our online form. Please note, this form is hosted by Nationwide Building Society.

You should only contact us if the original offer is within 30 days of expiry.

More than a month left on their mortgage offer?

Please avoid getting in touch with us if they have more than 30 days still left on their offer. We'll be unable to extend their offer until they have 30 days or less.

Fraud protection

Be aware that some criminals are using Coronavirus to trick people into sharing personal or financial information.

Watch out for:

  • Cold calls from criminals pretending to be from The Mortgage Works or other respectable organisations.
  • Emails that ask you to click on a link to log in, update information, or to access important news.

Stay safe:

  • Remember that The Mortgage Works will never ask you to move money to a safe account.
  • Do not click on links within emails – go direct to the site using the web address you know to be correct.

See more about the latest scams and how to beat them

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